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Hai. Assalamualaikum! 
About how months Im not active with my blog, you guess? Ahahaha. About 4/5 months maybe. I Dont think so ahahaa. Soo, how are you? My friend's blog? Tengok blog kawan-2 lama pun dah banyak entry dieorang post. Amazing entry! And thanks for siapa yang sudi baca my blog, wait for my new entry. Actually entry takde la hebat pun ahahaa. But Thankyousomuch sebab sudi baca jugaaaa (eceh ayat) ahahaha.

So, you know what, baru time bulan puasa ni aku update, edit sikit demi sikit my blog. Now, semua code dah lupa. How sad doo :'( Sampai code nak tukar lagu pun lupa, dah macam hilang ingatan u know! but tiba tiba pula dah ingot semua  I try my best dooo ahahaa.Yey! Alhamdulillah! So are you fasting today?? Yes? Good! No?? Go away \t.t/ hope this month you all have a bless. Dont forget pray to Allah. That you still can fasting for this year. Alhamdulillah.

Andd.............. okay I dont have any idea for today. I'm fcking tired today! So, just a short entry. I'll update again soon! HAPPY FASTING to my beloved Bf Hafiz Hisham. Beloved bestfriend's Myra. Mien. Athirah & Nuyot! Have a bless guys! Nanti kita bukak puasa ramai ramai ok sayang sayang ku.... ahahahahaha ;-D Bye! Au Revoir x

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